Interactive Fiction

For my final year project at University Hertfordshire, I chose to create a web application that would increase the exposure of the medium of Interactive Fiction (I.F).

I.F is a method of storytelling which combines the textual medium of reading a book with the interactivity of a game. You essentially read passages of text and have options on what to do next, by the end of it you have a custom story.

The problem with this medium is that it has simply died out in lieu of video games. With this project I aimed to make it available and easy to play and create stories, accessible across any device.

The main goals of this project are to:

  • Make a web application that can play and create I.F stories
  • Make the system UI employ responsive web design techniques
  • Have social features; commenting, sharing and rating
  • Have administration features to administrate content on the system

Development of this project was conducted using version control for tracking changes and project planning systems used to manage what features were planned for the next stage. In it’s reboot I have also begun to use automated testing frameworks to efficiently test every function of the system before publishing any changes, this reduces the chance of bugs appearing in the system. These practices combined allowed me to mange my time effectively and help create a straightforward development workflow.

This project was created and initially developed during the first half of 2014 during the second half of my final year. When submitted, the final report received a 1st and contributed to my overall 2:1 grade for my Computer Science degree. Since it’s submission it has been on hold whilst I pursue my employment. Work began again on this project early October 2015 adding and improving the current feature set. The system is planned for full release first quarter of 2016.

Visit the I.F application now and start playing, maybe even make a story or two.