Coming through loud and clear

Well hello there! I’ve recently got involved with some chaps in a place called Rugby. They’re called Callum and Mikey, and they form the group “Callum and Mikey”. Bet you didn’t see that coming. So I’ve been doing a variety of roles to support them in their content creation conquest.

First up is the start of their YouTube career. The Callum and Mikey Show originated on a University student radio station back in 2012. They are also known for their work on Rugby Cracker Radio, a charity show at christmas that allows young people to present and produce radio content. During their latest annual show Christmas 2017 they created a spin off YouTube show called Callum and Mikey Xtra.

Dan holds a boom pole with a shotgun mic
Me holding a boom pole on the set of the upcoming Pilot

In the past couple of months have I have been partaking in the creation of their summer YouTube series as predominantly Camera Operator, Sound guy and Data Wrangler.

Also recording next month will be the launch of their monthly audio podcast. I will be producing the show live blending together the duo and some pre-recorded bits. As well as assisting with the distribution.

So great things on the horizon, stay tuned.

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