Team Food Order to the rescue

The FoodAnyWay project is designed to allow any caterer the ability to step into the online space. I’m currently working on some extra functionality, that I’m trialing with my colleagues called Team Food Order (TFO).

Using a pre-defined customisable menu, TFO takes multiple food orders from the whole team all at once and combines them into an instantly shared list. This list can then be used to place the whole order on behalf of the team. This is far better than our previous solution of electing one person to write down orders on their phone as it was flawed due to human errors.

I plan to integrate this style of ordering into the FoodAnyWay system so that the orders can be organised and placed for large businesses. Essentially my goal is to have a team of 20+ all placing their orders on their mobile devices and when all have placed their orders, the system automatically forwards the full order to the restaurant. This eliminates the need for queuing, ambiguity, lack of knowledge of the menu and the need for a one person to take the orders for the team.

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