Hey, I'm Daniel Ward,

A full-stack web developer



Who is this chap?

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I'm a full-stack developer at 2sms.com in Buckinghamshire, England

I love creating web-based solutions that save people time and deliver a great service.

Goals are:

The web does not have a fixed width and neither does my work. Starting with mobile-first in all Projects, I aim to provide every system with accessibility to all.

Nobody has time to wait, I aim to eleminate waiting though optimisation, smart caching and offline handling.

They say the best solution is a simple one, I agree. If it appears that you are starting down the path of complexity, then you are also running perpendicular to the path of maintainability.

Skill Set:

  • PHP
  • JQuery
  • HTML5
  • C#
  • T-SQL
  • Python


team food order ui being used

Team Food Order

A distributed food ordering system focusing heavily on real-time collaboration without login/payment requirement.

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Friend Flix Film page


In collaboration with Sarah, Friendflix is a Film Collection / TV series progression tracker for film enthusiasts and completionists.

It can also be used to compare and find unwatched films amongst friends.

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For my University project I chose to create a web application allowing for the easy creation of interactive fiction (text-based stories where you control the outcome). During this project I learnt and honed my development skills.

Binary 101

A small web app utility for training yourself on binary translations

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